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Manor is self-sufficient with numerous schools, colleges, hospitals and a bustling market place. Since the bifurcation of the Thane district in August 2014, soaring real estate rates in Palghar and Boisar have brought Manor into the limelight as an affordable housing alternative to the working population in the industrial belt.

India 's soul remains in its villages, with 60 percent of the population still living Indian villages. Indian villages have a very glamorous and beautiful lifestyle. 

“God made the country, and man made the town.” The countryside has all the simplicity and beauty of nature while urban areas are invested with artificiality and the ugliness of human life. Country life is simple and natural; peaceful and beautiful.

They are strangers to the hustle and bustle, the jostle and tussle, the hurry an flurry and many a worry of modern, mechanical, metropolitan life. They are free from the torture of noise and the suffocation of pollution. They live in the soothing silence of rural solitude, breathe clean fresh air, eat plain but natural, wholesome and nourishing food, work hard under healthy conditions, and are happy and content. 


 They can digest whatever they eat, do not fall prey to nervous and mental tensions, enjoy a sound sleep, and wake up fresh, fit and fine. In fact, it is only these unsophisticated rural folk who know what true exertion is, what rue appetite is, what true satisfaction is, and what true sleep is.

The history of India is what you see in  these rural villages. 

A clear and primitive history that has still been  preserved by these villagers. 

They will welcome you as a member of their family  and make sure that during your stay  with them you face no inconveniences.

They have plenty of time ‘to stand and stare’ at the various enchanting sights and sounds of nature. It is a pleasure to see the golden rising sun and to listen to the whispering wind. The cool caressing breezes turn the green fields into a billowy green sea. Our mind is at rest as we watch docile cattle grazing peacefully in broad grasslands under the blue expanse of the unclouded sky. The kites wheeling high up in the azure vault of the heavens, the laughing flowers, the crimson setting sun, the evening shadows lengthening across green pastures, the night sky studded with sparkling gems are some of the other visual delights enjoyed by people who live in the countryside. Magically musical rural sounds soothe and please their ears.


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